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Kittery Trading Post @ThePostKittery

Now when you mention big outfitters a few names come to mind. Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas and Gander mountain for example. But very few people outside of New England have heard of Kittery Trading Post. This store is located just over the New Hampshire/ Maine border in Kittery, Maine. If you are heading North bound from Boston that would be Exit 4 off the highway, on your left hand side.

This was my first ever trip to this location. Why? Kittery Trading Post was hosting a Q&A, autograph signing, meet and greet with two of the most iconic big buck bowhunters in todays hunting society, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. This event began at 10a.m. on a Saturday, Store opens at 9. I got up there thirty minutes before opening to make sure I could get in, located where this was taking place, and look around the store before it began. To my amazement it is by far the best visit to any outfitter I have ever had.

You can imagine my first stop was the hunting sections, which had all top name brands and clothing for any season you may be hunting in. My next stop was right next to this, can you take a guess? Yup! The Archery Department! First off, when you go to a Cabelas or BPS, the type of bows you will see for example are Diamond, PSE, & Bear. All of which are good brands hands down, but what if you were looking for a different brand like Hoyt or Mathews? Well you would have to find a certified dealer and go threw that process. This is where Kittery blows BPS and Cabelas outta the water. Not only do they hold the same brands as their major competitors, but are also a certified Mathews and Hoyt dealer.

I was able at this time to shoot the Chill X, which was fast and smooth with an 80% let off compared to the Chills 70%, as well as having a great fps added on with these new limbs. Now if you are not aware, you can purchase the limbs of a Chill X and attach them to your own Chill and have those new features added on to your already purchased bow. The price of this add on feature $30.00. This also gave me the opportunity to shoot Hoyts new Carbon Spyder. Another bow I absolutely loved shooting, light and fast this bow was easy to handle and if you are looking to purchase a new bow, it is definitely one I suggest you try out next to the Mathews Chill or Creed.

The best thing about the store was the customer service. Every employee in every section was kind, courteous, and answered any question I had and was extremely helpful in pointing me in the right direction. I would also like to point out to my fellow New Englanders who may live in Massachusetts as well, Kittery Trading Posts firearms section will honor a Massachusetts firearms license.

Quick overview:

Carries Top Brands (from clothing to gear)

Very easy to find your way around

Prices are very reasonable

Staff is extremely friendly & helpful

Store is large & high in quality

With everything that I saw, I would rate this store two thumbs up and give it a 4 star rating. If you live in New England I would tell you this is a must travel too store especially if you are a archery hunter. And if you ever find yourself in Maine and you are from another part of the country, you would not hate swinging by and checking it out!

I hope to get some feed back from fellow people who have been to this location and tell me if you agree with my overview, I can’t see why you wouldn’t!


Bucked Scent Eliminator @getmebucked

I am a bow hunter. This tells you many things about me and if you have gotten to know me through social media you know that this time of the year I have a bow in my hand everyday. But as a bow hunter, I have the same paranoia as every single person out there. Paranoia of what? SCENT CONTROL! We all have been there, spraying down our clothing and boots to make sure we are all covered for that spot and stalk or hike to the stand/ blind.

I have been there and used almost everything I could afford to buy. But no matter the occasion, there have been times where my scent has gotten me busted on a hunt. Yes, my frustration would get the better of me and I would double up the spray down next time I headed out. But that has all changed recently.

Payday came around last month and the first thing I did was go on and purchased there scent eliminator Marksman Kit (two 24oz spray bottles & two 4oz spray bottles). Now the first time I went out hunting, I sprayed down my clothing and boots and trekked it out to my tree stand. A dull morning turned to a exciting afternoon quickly when a small button buck came right underneath my stand. Not alerted to my presence, I watched him stumble around and trot off as soon as he got bored. I was shocked, happy, excited for the season to come.

Now I spoke with Bucked on twitter awhile back before I even purchased their product. I asked them if their product was pet friendly and they reassured me that it was. That several people have used it to eliminate pet odors in there house etc. So to kill the odor of my dog in the house, i sprayed Bucked around the primary area’s where she stays. Sure enough, the odor disappeared and I decided to step it up. That weekend Nymeria (my shepherd/lab mix) & I headed out to my ground blind to see if any deer would come by.

I sprayed myself and her down and we waited the morning and afternoon, nothing. I was starting to worry that my dogs dander/ odor was a lot stronger than I anticipated. But sure enough 45 minutes before last light, a immature doe came in 30 yards and fed until sundown. Nymeria was asleep in the blind and probably was for the best as she would’ve been so excited that she saw a deer that she would have chased it.

Pet dander/ odor – Eliminated
Human Odor – Eliminated
I will vouch and say that if you use Bucked Scent Eliminator, you will not be disappointed.

Hope you guys have a great season & aim true!