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SOS GEAR MT is a custom para-cord company that specializes in making any type of para cord/ sling for your everyday outdoor needs.

Owner of SOS Gear Mt is Chelsea Cheff, wife and mother of two. Chelsea has many passions such as the outdoors/ hunting. But that’s not where her priorities lie. I have known Chelsea for little over a year now. I can quite honestly say her priorities lie with her Family first, Customers second, and hunting third. I have seen her put aside going hunting to make sure she gets all her orders out on time, as well as dropping everything when her children have gotten sick.

Because that’s who she is, like many people out there today. She is a parent, and nothing comes before her family.

But that strong passion she has for family, doesn’t end there. She carries it with her to her company and as a huntress. As I stated before. She cares about her customers and will do what she can to make sure they are completely satisfied with their product.

You can count on great custom work on what ever you order, and some of the best customer service you can ask for, which is hard to come by now a days.

I first ordered a bow sling from SOS GEAR MT. Custom with any two colors I asked to be made with. I received my sling down the road, but hunting season was still months away. So I attached my sling to my bow, headed out in my back yard and decided to practice for a bit, and I do have to say, having that sling to carry your bow so you are not carrying it after shooting a few dozen arrows down range is great.

The next day I decided on my way back home I was going to stop at my local state park and hike the trails for a bit. I grabbed my bow, put the sling over my shoulder and took off down the same trails I have walked this fall. Now I don’t know about you, but have you ever been hiking/ walking threw the woods with your bow and have always wanted that hand free to climb or move branches out of the way? That is exactly what I was able to do, and by the time I reached my turn around point. My arm was not tired from carrying my bow & I knew that this fall I would be ready.

I do have a matching wrist sling for my bow. But she carry’s several more products than just that.
some Items include:-rifle sling
-bino straps
-crossbow straps
-turkey totes/ hog hobbles
and much more.

You are getting a great product from a great company.
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