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The Premier Hunting Optics: @VortexOptics

The other day I decided to try an experiment at work. A man came in looking to buy a scope for his rifle. My first question to most customers is: “Are you looking to spend a certain amount of money?”  Understanding their budget can help me point them in the right direction.

After discussing his budget, I grabbed two scopes. One was a Vortex Diamondback 3-9 x 40mm, the other was a Leopold of the same specifications. I placed pieces of tape over the name brands on each scope and asked him to try each one out to see which he liked better.

After going back-and-forth a few times between each scope he said “Without a doubt this scope (holding up the Diamondback) is better.”

He left the store and about an hour later he returned with his Savage Arms rifle. I went ahead and mounted the scope to his rifle for him. With a smiling face after sighting it in, he left the store thanking me for all my help.

I received a phone call about an hour later. It was the gentleman who I helped pick out the scope. After bringing it to the gun range to shoot, the only thing he could talk about was what a great quality scope the Diamondback was and how the clarity while shooting was unlike any scope he had used before.

He thanked me profusely, but that’s just my job. Like many people I have my own personal preferences when it comes to the gear I like to use. For all my optics I choose Vortex. But seeing and hearing his reaction to this product definitely put a smile on my face.
One more happy Vortex customer