Journey to Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris

Now many of you have seen my posts on my social media pages, promoting joining myself and Journey Hunts owner Matt Guedes on a South African Safari at Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris. This past January was my first time visiting this place as well as my first ever trip to South Africa. To say I was nervous would be an accurate statement, but excitement was what filled my emotions more than any other. My purpose for attending Sediba was to try and accomplish the Plains Game Professional Hunters Course. It is my great pleasure today  say I was successful in the pursuit of that goal.

But while we were there, we were given the opportunity to hunt several different species with one of the all-inclusive hunts offered at the safari. My first animal on the list was my Blue Wildebeest. After taking my shot and getting an up close and personal look at this massive creature, adrenaline rushed through my veins. My first African animal, proudly taken, got me even more excited for more that was to come. But my absolute pride and most memorable moment was the Impala I successfully harvested at the same location I took my amazing warthog.

I was sitting there waiting, maybe one to two hours of daylight remained. In the blind with me was Journey Hunts HC Tekoah Guedes and Professional Hunter Deon Van Deventer. Talking softly amongst one another, we slowly watched a group of a dozen or so Impala slowly make its way to the watering hole. Several bucks came in, but having already harvested my impala, I was just waiting for a monster warthog or another slammer animal to approach the watering hole. It was maybe 10 minutes into the impala’s hydrating when out of  the corner of my eye, I saw Deon’s eyes widen. Walking towards the hole was a massive Impala buck, the sheer emotion running through me was overwhelming. I struggled to grab my 308 but was able to relax myself by the time I was ready to shoot. One shot, and he ran off,  the vitals had been struck. Five minutes later we went out and tracked him, going no further than 80 yds from the shot laid my beautiful trophy. Yes to me it was just that. A trophy, one that made the Rowland Ward record book at 26 2/8″. Having  success on such a magnificent creature gave me the addiction. An addiction that can only be cured by returning to Sediba and having another amazing trip.

But I’m not the only individual to have visited Sediba and have such an amazing experience.
When I asked Tekoah Guedes “what was your most memorable moment at Sediba?”

Shooting my blue wildebeest on the first night I could hunt. I saw it like right before dark, we could barely see. I saw him at appleblar at 110 yards or so out and he walked in by himself to 25 yards. I turned on my light on my sight, drew back my bow, found him in the sight and shot. He jumped and kicked and then ran out right where he started from. Vossie then came and we followed one of the best blood trails I have ever seen on a blue wildebeest. We got there and found him 100 yards away with a perfect double lung shot. It was epic. We then cleared a little road to it and picked it in the red tube like trailer and road back to camp. We ended the day having a good long night by the fire” – Tekoah Guedes
Tekoah Blue

But not all memorable moments at Sediba involved hunts. I asked Matt Guedes, founder and owner of Journey Hunts, “what was your most memorable moment?”
“My most memorable moment was my family safari for our 20th wedding Anniversary over Christmas.”

Guedes blog pic
I have known Matt now for little over a year. Nothing in this world outside of family and God means more to him. The beautiful scenery of South Africa and the company of his family, was all that was needed to make his memorable moment.

Because that is what this safari is to all who visit. It’s a amazing place, surrounded by beautiful scenery, filled with amazing wildlife, and a run by a great outfitter and PH. Vossie Voster and his son Dries welcome all who come to there safari as family. Their lodging, food and hospitality alone was what made me on the day I departed, anticipate the day I would return. All who have gone there leave with their own memories. So join Journey Hunts at Sediba Nkwe Hunting Safaris and make your memorable moment.
JH pic

P/C: Matt Guedes & Family, Tekoah Guedes, Mike Pratas, Vossie Voster


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