Hips Archery Target @Hips_Targets

Hips Archery Targets “Less Shred, More Dead”
Now as some of you may know. I’ve been involved with archery for a little bit ( just about 13 years). Yes I can say that is almost half my life. During this period I have used over a dozen different targets, from the redhead target at bass pro, to yellow jacket and yes block targets. But each one of these had an problem. If you shoot as much as I do, you will blast your target with hundreds upon thousands of arrows a month. But no matter how much you shoot these targets and with all the stopping power they may present, pieces or even chunks start to fall out or a pass through becomes more likely after a few hundred shots.

So you must be thinking “how do I avoid this?!?!?!?”

This target is fully explained in the companies motto “less shred, more dead”. I have shot hundreds of arrows at my target with field points and broad heads. This target still stands strong. Not only does it not shred with the multiple arrows I put into it in a single practice. But the stopping power is great! At 20-50 yards the results can be seen for itself! When you rotate the 6 sides during practice this target can be trusted with great confidence for a long period of time!

So what can you expect from this target?
1) Less Shred
2) great stopping power
3) A light-weight and portable target

What else can I say? But find out for yourself what a great target Hips Archery Targets produces.
hips 2
This is and will be my preferred archery target.
Check them out at hipstargets.com

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