Vortex Optics & The Maine Woods

This past weekend I decided to head up north to hunt with a friend of mine in Maine. Jackman, Maine is approximately three and a half hours north of Portland Maine and about twenty to thirty minutes away from the Canadian border. This area is made up of beautiful hills and mountains with a great variety of wildlife. Moose, black bear and whitetail deer are the big game animals you will find here in Maine.

When it comes to hunting, I don’t expect to be sitting in a tree stand or ground blind every hunt. Though that is a big part of hunting these days. Spot and stalk is still a popular method of hunting. On this hunt, that was what we chose to do. On several occasions we found ourselves open to all the elements.

It was a wet weekend. So I was relying deeply not on my rifle, but my optics. I have been using Vortex optics now for quite a few months. In this time I have yet to be unimpressed. The clarity and quality of my bino’s and rifle scope are incredible! When it comes to hunting, you need to rely on that your optics will hold up to any of the elements that come your way.

While trekking through the woods and sitting on the hillsides glassing for signs of wildlife, my scope remained open to the rain, sleet and snow flurries. When it came to looking down my scope I was astonished at what I saw. Amazing clarity and no water damage at all. I was shocked, out of all the scopes and bino’s I have used I have never seen such a great product for such affordable prices.

My Diamondback HP 4-16x 42mm rifle scope as well as my Viper HD 8×42 performed spectacularly in the weather! Your optics are everything. I trust mine with whatever game I am hunting, or competition I am shooting in. We at Journey Hunts trust the best out there. This is why we use Vortex Optics! Great products at great prices! Don’t just take my word for it! Head on over to your local Vortex dealer (Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, etc.) Or go to http://www.vortexoptics.com/   and place your order for your optics today!


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