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Falling In Love With The Outdoors

nicki & I

For me, it is everything we as outdoorsman can do. Now, more than ever, I am just blessed to have someone by my side who shares in the same passion and love of hunting as I do.

It is not an easy thing to deal with. Every day millions of people just like myself suffer from a withdrawal. From what? The outdoors of coarse!

Millions of people throughout the United States and the world, are in love with the outdoors. We come from all walks of life. Hunters, Fishermen, trappers, hikers, etc. It is something deep in all of us that takes over our bodies when that time of year comes around. For most, it is something that lingers all year round, like an addiction that cannot be satisfied.

To me that is exactly what hunting is. It is an addiction that I cannot satisfy no matter where I go or how many I hunt. This year it got worse. Many of you will understand this feeling.
Have you ever been a hunter in one particular way? A bow hunter mostly? A rifle hunter? A bird hunter?
Then have you ever participated in a new hunt that you just fell in love with in everyway?
To me, that was upland game hunting with my girlfriend and her German Shorthaired Pointer this past fall.
(Emma on point in the Quail fields)

Bird hunting has now gotten me more excited than I have ever been before about bird hunting. Seeing the dog go on point, walking in and flushing out the bird with your hunting buddies. It is incredible to see the dogs work and the behavior of the birds.

Although bow hunting will always be my first love when it comes to hunting. There is so much more that hunting offers to us all that in prints on your heart. That goes for what ever your love in the outdoors might be. I have friends who will hunt the plains game of Africa until their dying day, friends who will only duck/ bird hunt, and friends that will fish everything the ocean has to offer. We all have that addiction that we cannot kick. That love that grows deeper with every trip.

What is it that brings you to the outdoors?
What passion draws your love in the most?